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What is SIP and what does it do?

SIP, a.k.a. Session Initiation Protocol, is an Internet function that initiates and ends communications sessions. Because the Internet has the capacity to move voice and data simultaneously, SIP eliminates wasted costs and slow productivity associated with separate voice and data systems.

Imagine your office phones ringing off the hook. Our cloud-based SIP Platform makes sure your callers never get a busy signal. And, remote workers can take office calls no matter where they are.

On iPATH’s SIP Platform your sessions are backed up and, in the event of a disaster, calls are automatically rerouted to cell phones or alternative landline locations.

Who needs SIP and why?

Here’s an example of how SIP is used:

With an iPATH SIP Platform in place, your team will access a conference call from the office or the road. Because SIP is agnostic, users could attend on computers, VoIP phones or mobile devices, each using its own features. By recording your conference, those who can’t attend the live call can access it later.

Behind the scenes, the iPATH SIP Platform invisibly and automatically sets up and tears down the multiple sessions involved. You can manage all user activity on a secure, self-service Web portal. Add or change features and functions. Plus, no remote call charges.


    Replace single analog phone lines (POTS) or expand use of current bandwidth

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    Virtual inbound numbers (DIDs), Auto Attendant, Voice VPN, Call Center, Auto Call Routing & more

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    Normal access to Tier 1 and PSTN without high carrier costs and more efficient use of bandwidth

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    TO 60%

    Savings compared to analog voice & packet switched data networks